Tomato Tomahto – Smile Your Message For Better Customer Service

  • November 2012
  • Posted By Scott Ellard Dentistry

Smile Your Message!

Yes! It’s both! What you say and how you say it are equally important from your patient’s perspective. 

You can answer the phone with,
     “Dr. Smith’s office” 
     or “Dr. Smith’s office, this is Jane” 
     or “Dr. Smith’s office. How may I help you?”

All will work but if your attitude is that of a dental office receptionist instead of a dental administrative professional you probably won’t ‘WOW’ anyone with you phone technique.

Poor Customer Service Is a Poor Reflection. Smile Your Message
Smile for a better attitude. Smile Your MessageYour callers can actually tell if you are smiling when you answer the phone! Your voice inflection should always end on an upturn when delivering a greeting. In other words it should sound like a question and it should project that you are actually interested in the answer. This is not a conscious perception but it is a factor in the initial impression you make when they call your office. You will automatically accomplish this if you smile when you answer the phone. Who Knew?!  You have to work really hard to accomplish this if you are frowning. TIP: Place a small mirror at your desk and check yourself when the phone starts to ring – smile:) A new patient begins to form their opinion of your team from their first phone call to your practice. The team member chosen to answer the phones should be chosen because they are articulate, have proper grammar knowledge and possess an understanding of exceptional customer service. Many practices make the mistake of undervaluing this position. Please! Recognize how essential this person is to the reputation and success of the organization. This person is the FACE and the VOICE of the practice! Without a professional image in this gatekeepers position the growth of the practice will suffer. This person is the guardian of your professional reputation. The team member in this position should genuinely enjoy people. Sometimes we need to realize that we have the right person in the wrong position.



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