PAST DUE! Update Your CDT Codes!

  • February 2013
  • Posted By Debbie Ellard
Practice Administrator

Debbie West Ellard

Have you updated your CDT Codes? Most practice management software can install these but you have to click the update button! Not doing so can delay payments from insurers and degrade your efficiency. We don’t want that! In addition, make sure you check the medical cross coding for updates. Again, many practice management programs integrate this for you when you update your CDT codes. Be sure you know how this works in your program. It only requires a simple call to your software support line if you aren’t sure. Once you have it updated I recommend you type a quick document on how this was done. You should include the following:

  • Who you called for information
  • The phone number
  • The steps you took in your software.
  • Maybe include the link to your software support resource (if one exists).

This creates a training document. When your practice grows and you add new staff – Tah Dah! You have documented steps to plug them into. A plug and play training manual. Who knew?! Seriously though, documenting these small, but oh so important items is a major help when your busy practice adds personnel and you barely have time to do everything necessary to execute the day, let alone narrate it all to the newbie.

Another powerful ‘go to’ resource is Dr. Charles Blair’s “Coding With Confidence”. This manual breaks down the mystery of complex procedures. It not only gives you the codes but explains how and why. Once you understand ‘why’ it is easier to remember the code and your confidence goes up. Ha! ‘Coding with Confidence’!!

Another great resource that we have used for years is the “Insurance Solutions Newsletter”. This newsletter gives you current updates on insurers, tips for billing efficiency and advance notice of future changes and additions. If you are new to the world of insurance or even if you have been a dental professional for many years this is a must have. You can click HERE to subscribe for $169/year.

Another important update for 2013 is the HIPPA Omnibus Final Rule. This covers four changes to how we administered the HIPPA rule in 2012. There are important changes to note. THE DEADLINE IS MARCH 2, 2013. Make sure you have every patient sign and date a new HIPPA Form. Check your forms to be sure they are the current form and represent the latest updates to the law. Click HERE for more information.



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