PAST DUE! Update Your CDT Codes!

  • February 2013
  • Posted By Debbie Ellard
Have you updated your CDT Codes? Most practice management software can install these but you have to click the update button! Not doing so can delay payments from insurers and degrade your efficiency. We don’t want that! In addition, make sure you check the medical cross coding for updates. Again, many practice management programs integrate

Tomato Tomahto – Smile Your Message For Better Customer Service

  • November 2012
  • Posted By Scott Ellard Dentistry
Smile Your Message! Yes! It’s both! What you say and how you say it are equally important from your patient’s perspective.  You can answer the phone with,      “Dr. Smith’s office”       or “Dr. Smith’s office, this is Jane”       or “Dr. Smith’s office. How may I help you?” All will work